9-Fev, 2020
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excuse the potty mouth and unnecessary use of the word "lowkey"
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-emma chamberlain

  • sorry for the unnecessary cussing i promise ill watch my potty mouth next time LOL

    emma chamberlainemma chamberlain8 oy oldin
    • Ily

      Angeline MariaAngeline MariaKun oldin
    • i Stan u so hard

      Victoria KordosVictoria Kordos10 kun oldin
    • I love your videos

      bindya thomasbindya thomas12 kun oldin
    • fRiCk

      Miriam BirdMiriam BirdOy oldin
    • lol Emma

      Anjum QuraishiAnjum QuraishiOy oldin
  • She looks so beautiful in this video❤️❤️

    Julia SkeifJulia Skeif13 soat oldin
  • I wanna change my voice as emma.

    María ElisaMaría Elisa2 kun oldin
  • Epic

    Oumaima LamaidniOumaima Lamaidni3 kun oldin
  • Emma then: “frickin” Emma now: “okay lowkeyyyYy” 😂😂

    kim matarasokim mataraso4 kun oldin
  • You should stop saying the woRd "LOWKEY" lie wtf⁈

    Nk NeeraNk Neera7 kun oldin
  • Ur voice has changed a lot since then

    Sama_ ShvaaSama_ Shvaa8 kun oldin

    Feres HarbaouiFeres Harbaoui11 kun oldin
  • Redo this video in another 10 years. Wait do it when your 30

    Hannah PillingHannah Pilling12 kun oldin
  • Am I only one who was dying of laughter the whole time I was watching this?

    Brooklyn BurnsBrooklyn Burns14 kun oldin
  • 3:08 *outfit shows up* **sneeze** 3:09: 3:10 **sneeze**

    NoIdeaForANameNoIdeaForAName19 kun oldin
  • 8:40

    emmy holdenemmy holden22 kun oldin
  • 7:41

    emmy holdenemmy holden22 kun oldin
  • Emma roasting herself is a mood

    DarkxnvonsDarkxnvons25 kun oldin
  • Emma's face rn is me

    DarkxnvonsDarkxnvons25 kun oldin
  • the way i watched most of these videos when they came up

    fatimah.fatimah.27 kun oldin
  • emma is so beautiful in this video

    AnaAna27 kun oldin
  • this is the funniest video ever

    emmy holdenemmy holdenOy oldin
  • I remember the day I subscribed when you were at like 400k or something and Ive just been vibing with you ever since. You’ve come a long way I’m so proud and ily 🥰

    Miriam BirdMiriam BirdOy oldin
  • why does she remind me of Billie Eilish in this video

    Sofia SalasSofia SalasOy oldin
  • ur voice is SO different like u literally sound like a different person

    Julia WilliamsJulia WilliamsOy oldin

    Janelle I.D.Janelle I.D.Oy oldin
  • i honestly love how authentic she is. her growth and maturity from the past is so refreshing to see

    Arsela MallickArsela MallickOy oldin
  • Imagine one day she will react to these

    michal austermichal austerOy oldin
  • is it just me who thinks that emma’s voice has changed a lot

    frankie bellfrankie bellOy oldin
  • Damn her voice has literally changed!!!!

    آيةآيةOy oldin
  • Omg why are you so mean to yourself!!! Love ya ❤️

    Krystal MartinezKrystal MartinezOy oldin
  • all the time Emma said ok but... lowkeyyy

    Anna MaltaAnna MaltaOy oldin
  • 13:35 she's really proud of her self! Yass!

    Tejan Singh DuaTejan Singh DuaOy oldin
  • emma stop bullying the emma who was brave enough to start and put you here today.

    Shweta SinghShweta SinghOy oldin
  • Lol I’m dying when she was roasting herself about not being unique at 9:07

    -kate j--kate j-Oy oldin
  • 5:44 😂😂😂😂

    Fatin hFatin hOy oldin
  • i been here since the lookbook

    Hanaa IsaacsHanaa IsaacsOy oldin
  • oh my god she's so extra gorgeous here

    Aynee MundoAynee MundoOy oldin

    Valentina EgusquizaValentina EgusquizaOy oldin
  • why was I offended for old emma while watching this

    Wendy YWendy YOy oldin
  • Hey Emma, and all those who are reading, may God bless you and open your hearts to Christ. 💛

    Chenoa PollardChenoa PollardOy oldin
  • you look so pretty

    iqra awaniqra awanOy oldin
  • Ok but LoWKeY?

    •Alison Petersen••Alison Petersen•Oy oldin
  • 8:25 that was adorable tbh

    Aubrey Dianne TalayAubrey Dianne TalayOy oldin
  • vegan pizza was my first vid

    Dounia PetuniaDounia PetuniaOy oldin
  • Emma Chamberlain roasting her 16 year old self for 15 minutes straight

    dixiedixieOy oldin
  • 2017 Emma and me have the same pillow cases and I’m pretty sure bed sheets

    Anne HindeAnne HindeOy oldin
  • i genuinely laughed so hard throughout this whole video

    Sam GrahamSam GrahamOy oldin
  • hey i want that jumper so ye so thanks

    lottielottieOy oldin
  • her voice was so high and soft!!!!

    Chloe HallChloe HallOy oldin
  • "Lowkey I miss being blonde from this like my skin was so good, tan and blonde damn it fvck" You've always been so beautiful Emma

    Nazzy StylesNazzy StylesOy oldin
  • That is not Emma like... That girl is a fucking different person

    Nazzy StylesNazzy StylesOy oldin
  • 8:49 😂

  • Let s pray for Emma because she had to rewatch this when she was editing 😫

    Dumitrascu AntoniaDumitrascu AntoniaOy oldin
  • how is her voice not raspy in the old videos!?

    Shauna's ShenanigansShauna's Shenanigans2 oy oldin
  • Emma's new word/ phrase? "Low Key" STOP IT EMME!! 😂😂😂

    Sandra KnottsSandra Knotts2 oy oldin
  • Hi

    Tazerismydog TimgTazerismydog Timg2 oy oldin
  • she’s so pretty

    loulivialoulivia2 oy oldin
  • yea you were just cringe but love ya

    YalcinYalcin2 oy oldin

    Shinese TVShinese TV2 oy oldin
  • Low key...........

    Naomi AderaNaomi Adera2 oy oldin
  • 😠

    Maya BowlerMaya Bowler2 oy oldin

    Aylar AllamyradovaAylar Allamyradova2 oy oldin
  • getting me emotional asf

    Ava DonleyAva Donley2 oy oldin
  • I can't tell if her earrings are crosses or swords either way she is beautiful

    Kimberly YoungKimberly Young2 oy oldin
  • Why does it feel like she is talking to her daughter

    John GaltJohn Galt2 oy oldin
  • react to ur skl vlogs

    Fosh IsabelleFosh Isabelle2 oy oldin
  • No one Emma: "LoWkEy"

    zavier putra Narayanazavier putra Narayana2 oy oldin
  • The way Emma roasted her old self in this video 😂👏🏻

    Shaonee Biswas singhShaonee Biswas singh2 oy oldin
  • now emma was going OFF on old emma

    grace deeregrace deere2 oy oldin
  • Let’s just change the title to **Emma chamberlain roasting her old videos**

    AprilM 2104AprilM 21042 oy oldin
  • Kinda miss brunette Emma but also love blonde Emma

    MariaLuce SpezialiMariaLuce Speziali2 oy oldin
  • i'm not subscribed *SLAMS FISTS* surPrised

    Sarah RoessnerSarah Roessner2 oy oldin
  • i miss brunette emma :(

    Tamuna AvalianiTamuna Avaliani2 oy oldin
  • If this aint me reacting to my old cringe vids on my old phone 🔫😆

    J.R .MJ.R .M2 oy oldin
  • omg i found you a long ass time ago because one of my favourite you tubers named sav talked about how much she loved watching you and then i checked you out AND I LOVED YOU SO MUCH

    simp citysimp city2 oy oldin
  • Fun fact the rose shoes is how I started watching her videos (we all evolve)

    Emily SaenzEmily Saenz2 oy oldin
  • I found Emma by her school vlogs anyone else?

    Catherine BelCatherine Bel2 oy oldin
  • I remember how watching emma driving all day drinking and buying coffee multiple times on her favorite coffee shop completes my day... time flies so fast and i still love her. I love her even more now.

    jelahiharajelahihara2 oy oldin
  • For someone who is here since the emma counting the sub count days... I just wanna say, ive love her even more through the years.

    jelahiharajelahihara2 oy oldin
  • I cringed so much in this video I find knew muscles in my face

    AlexAlex2 oy oldin
  • Does anyone know where she got her jumper from? Its cute asf!!

    Holly JordanHolly Jordan2 oy oldin
  • And that’s on ✨character development✨

    Miah RaeMiah Rae2 oy oldin
  • 😽we love her

    Julia SpanglerJulia Spangler2 oy oldin
  • She's so pretty

    Mexico PalafoxMexico Palafox2 oy oldin
  • it’s the high pitched voice for me

    Faith KinkeadFaith Kinkead2 oy oldin
  • i still remember that i was subscribed to her when she was at 7,000 followers

    Ava MaeckelberghAva Maeckelbergh2 oy oldin
  • I just found this channel, absolute gold, the ability to not give an absolute shit

    Chris SierraltaChris Sierralta2 oy oldin
  • “But i still hate this butch” lmaoo

    Pavarise SahitiPavarise Sahiti2 oy oldin
  • "oh emma you're unique LOOK IN THE MIRROR!" 💀

    Luno MalangabiLuno Malangabi2 oy oldin
  • you should really be kinder to yourself. There is nothing wrong with our past selfs, we need to embrace them. That little girl will always be inside of you and you should nurture her.

    gabriella Koalagabriella Koala2 oy oldin
  • best video ever it s just the best

    ludovica nogaroleludovica nogarole2 oy oldin
  • Why does she look younger now?

    İrem Su Şahinİrem Su Şahin2 oy oldin
  • 1:42 DEAD

    Reyma BairdReyma Baird2 oy oldin
  • No one: Literally no one: Emma : saying 'f*ck' in the whole video

    Heemani RathodHeemani Rathod2 oy oldin
  • my brain can't process that that's the same person 0_0

    eden faitheden faith2 oy oldin
  • why is no one talking about how pretty she looks :)

    Yasemin AlbayrakYasemin Albayrak2 oy oldin
  • Does anyone know where she got her sweatshirt? It’s so cute I want it

    Hayley EnnsHayley Enns2 oy oldin
  • i need a part 2 with her "roasting teachers" video

    Lucia AnaisLucia Anais2 oy oldin
  • hiii

    Anne daleAnne dale2 oy oldin
  • Emma reacting to this video 5 years from now..................... 😐😂😝❤️

    Axoxo Tr123Axoxo Tr1232 oy oldin
  • she looks so good here🥺

    ruhi borahruhi borah2 oy oldin
  • I actually miss the old Emma

    jess Ejess E2 oy oldin
  • yes

    brandon malcolmbrandon malcolm2 oy oldin