3-May, 2020
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-emma chamberlain

  • Those shoes that people hate are so cute!!!!!!

    Nik NelsonNik Nelson20 soat oldin
  • I love those creepers

    Jelli foreverJelli foreverKun oldin
  • she literally has everything omg

    Nur Aqilah AznamNur Aqilah Aznam2 kun oldin
  • Great work, just for kill time

    Duwindu TharindaDuwindu Tharinda3 kun oldin
  • Pandemic mindset

    Duwindu TharindaDuwindu Tharinda3 kun oldin
  • You born in 2001! Great, What's your birthday? I am nearly 12 months behind you!

    Duwindu TharindaDuwindu Tharinda3 kun oldin

    Monse AburtoMonse Aburto5 kun oldin
  • U look like you are 25

    İdil Şaşkınİdil Şaşkın11 kun oldin
  • I just think that Emma is meant to be in the fashion world ,she is just creative, spontaneous and fancy with her outfits at the same time. Btw Emma I think that your black and white shoes are just dope ;also I think no one would wear them that good unless you, love uuuu 😽😽💕

    Victoria SolisVictoria Solis11 kun oldin
  • When the cat hit the floor and emma put the sound effect i chocked on my water 😂

    Gaby GoyosGaby Goyos11 kun oldin
  • Your moms into the short pants look

    Katie HollernKatie Hollern14 kun oldin
  • Not Emma not knowing who Bananarama is, real gen z shit 👏🏼

    Olivia JacksonOlivia Jackson15 kun oldin

    Tate GaschTate Gasch16 kun oldin
  • imagine your closet....litterally being a store but you OWN IT ALL

    Tate GaschTate Gasch16 kun oldin
  • use this as a we want a everything in my closet haul

    browse as Guestbrowse as Guest18 kun oldin
  • literally the second outfit she tried on for her dad, she needs a fanny pack and then she'll look like dwayne johnson LMFAO

    alexa uwualexa uwu18 kun oldin
  • 11:07 Ross Geller and his leather pants... Like if ur a real one and u know what I mean

    Ella HustonElla Huston19 kun oldin
  • if anyone's from 2021 hi hru

    fav.meliosfav.melios20 kun oldin
    • Good!

      valerie_ 2701valerie_ 270113 kun oldin
  • Her closet is wayyy bigger than my bedroom i-

    S ZoffmannS Zoffmann20 kun oldin
  • hey i like ur creepers shoes lol they probably look good on u 😂

    Rachel SatterfieldRachel Satterfield21 kun oldin
  • I think you look beautiful in all of them

    Charles BakerCharles Baker21 kun oldin
  • Sure not feeling well

    Charles BakerCharles Baker21 kun oldin
  • The clothes that she wear is my style and I have her feelings like her

    Elaia GaleaElaia Galea22 kun oldin
  • 8:02 when the cat fell... I died a little bit

    Emily SauveEmily Sauve23 kun oldin

    Ashlee PayAshlee Pay23 kun oldin
  • When Emma was talking about the collar my best friend said if she cussed we could slap her. we slapped her a lot.

    Isabelle WitmerIsabelle Witmer26 kun oldin
  • I love your shoes i own a par og shoes and No one likes them

    Alma WittendorffAlma Wittendorff26 kun oldin
  • Dude the last outfit gave me Pokémon vibes 😂😂😂

    Lemar DofashLemar Dofash28 kun oldin
  • New fan! And I have a six year old who'd LOVE this channel. But I just am hesitant with the language. I can't believe I'm the old man who is my father who is asking someone to stop swearing. What have I become. But sure. Can I be the one to stop you from swearing?

    Nathan KontnyNathan Kontny28 kun oldin
  • stop cursing.

    Grace SternerGrace Sterner29 kun oldin
  • Creepers are bitchin in a good way

    Maya CampbellMaya Campbell29 kun oldin
  • in conclusion emma can literally pull anything off :)

    Cassie DCassie D29 kun oldin
  • this waas on my b-day

    catherine griffincatherine griffinOy oldin
  • her wardrobe is bigger than my parents room

    Olena VerbinskaOlena VerbinskaOy oldin
  • 8:02 **me rushing to class be like:**

    randomadorarandomadoraOy oldin
  • I couldn’t stop laughing at the Gwen Stefani outfit. 🙌🏼 it was hilarious for some reason

    L LL LOy oldin
  • i love ur videos omgggggggg and deadass ur vibes and were the same i wanna be emma’s friend i- 😿

    Summer VSummer VOy oldin
    • i also wish i watched ur videos back then

      Summer VSummer VOy oldin
  • Got an idea to help your cussing every time u find your self swearing eat a spoon full of mustard 🥴

    Anna TeruelAnna TeruelOy oldin
  • Your cats are freaking crazy, like mine.

    Maggie WalkerMaggie WalkerOy oldin
  • Your F*CKING HILARIOUS!!MOoooRRRrrrrrEEeeeee Please!! Your my favorite person to watchhh!!!! 🤣🤣🤣💕💕💕💜💜💜💜💜

    Valerie PerrinValerie PerrinOy oldin
  • emma has soooo much clothes

    Ava PloszayAva PloszayOy oldin
  • I love your creepper shoes, please no one hate me

    Zoey BrockZoey BrockOy oldin
  • Bad Emma! No cussing! Don’t get a shock collar, make a sweat jar? For coffee?😂

    Ena ShartzerEna ShartzerOy oldin
  • The second outfit was sooooooo nice holy shit

    Tamryn EdwardsTamryn EdwardsOy oldin
  • I can literally go shopping in her wardrobe

    ᴍꜱᴠᴇɢÁ ᴋᴏᴏᴋᴛᴀᴇsᴍꜱᴠᴇɢÁ ᴋᴏᴏᴋᴛᴀᴇsOy oldin
  • I like those shoes tho why would anyone hate them 😂

    Eloise Pritchard-BarrettEloise Pritchard-BarrettOy oldin
  • i just got the bliss ad by you before this vid haha

    lauren bryantlauren bryantOy oldin
  • keep cussing. okay, bye

    Katherine MeltonKatherine MeltonOy oldin
    • 9:32, I'm shook, who is this Mongolian woman and why does she have your voice?

      Katherine MeltonKatherine MeltonOy oldin
    • ppps wow cat good ZOOMIES! No I am not going to wait until I finish the video to leave just one comment, fuck with me!!

      Katherine MeltonKatherine MeltonOy oldin
    • pps, cat #2!!! good slicking whiskers on door there pumkin

      Katherine MeltonKatherine MeltonOy oldin
    • ps, cat!

      Katherine MeltonKatherine MeltonOy oldin
  • Don't you live by YOURSELF?????

  • The first outfit is so Melbourne vibe

    Danah AkritidisDanah AkritidisOy oldin
  • The poor car falling made me laugh so hard 8:00

    Angie ashfordAngie ashfordOy oldin
  • who is this? why she has so many views? I just discovered this channel

    Nethmi DisanayakeNethmi DisanayakeOy oldin
  • MoMMy

    Kelly OchoaGarciaKelly OchoaGarciaOy oldin
  • I love when you wear green because it brings out the green in your eyes so much lol idk

    kayley maekayley maeOy oldin
  • 8:02 was so funny for no reason

    GraceeGraceeOy oldin
  • Okay but why couldn't she just look up Gwen Stefani instead of continuously messing it up so disrespectfully lmao

    Angelique DuckworthAngelique DuckworthOy oldin

    Andrey AbadAndrey AbadOy oldin

    Andrey AbadAndrey AbadOy oldin
  • Who else loves how she went for 6 to 7 to 8.5 then straight down to 2

    Gloria AparicioGloria AparicioOy oldin
  • Emma calling her mom “mommy” is the cutest thing, I still call mine like that and I’m 25 idgaf :)

    Nancy C.Nancy C.Oy oldin

    Aislyn RyanAislyn RyanOy oldin
  • where can i find the jeans from the first outfit? 7:19

    jane bednjane bednOy oldin
  • Emma: I have no clothes, Also Emma: pulls out a whole shop of clothes

    Sophie LewisSophie LewisOy oldin
  • Her closet’s lowkey the size of my room😳

    Isxbella PlayzIsxbella PlayzOy oldin
  • Your room is the size of my kitchen

    Jaz_ vlogsJaz_ vlogsOy oldin
  • not me watching an Emma video and an Emma ad in the video

    Kalana FishKalana FishOy oldin
  • She should do this again. It was fun

    Shweta SinghShweta SinghOy oldin
  • Her closet is literally A LOT bigger than my room 😔

    FergalFergalOy oldin
  • Emma trying on all the outfits Me: still laughing about her cat

    Emma SmithEmma SmithOy oldin
  • Right when clicked on the video I saw you a add

    Id kId kOy oldin
  • Nice

    Jemima Goody-OgwamaJemima Goody-OgwamaOy oldin
  • *ad about bliss skin Emma is the face of* Emma:oh wow I look really red

    Annika PowersAnnika PowersOy oldin
    • I keep getting her ads on her videos too almost always when she talks about her face being red 😂

      Graciie WGraciie WOy oldin
  • Any one else get Joe Dirt vibes with the last outfit

    Cadence EwellCadence EwellOy oldin

    sprucie moosiesprucie moosieOy oldin
  • Emma should do 24 hour without swearing😂😂😂

    GKShadowGamerGKShadowGamerOy oldin
  • We need a part 2!!!!

    lilylilyOy oldin
  • I think it would be so dope if the home edit organized your closet

    Alexandra OlivaresAlexandra OlivaresOy oldin
  • do you get spray tans? or just tan constantly because i burn to but u can get a small tan

    Gracie MontoyaGracie MontoyaOy oldin
    • 11:52

      lol vanessa 2lol vanessa 2Oy oldin
  • Emmas closet is the size of my roon

    TrinityTrinityOy oldin
  • When an emma ad came while watching emma 🌜🥂🌛

    lol who am ilol who am iOy oldin
  • I want emmas closet

    Berlin HBerlin HOy oldin
  • i got an emma chamberlain ad before the video startee

    Allison ShimAllison ShimOy oldin
  • ok but I LOVE THOSE SHOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Annabelle SpeerAnnabelle SpeerOy oldin
  • Was it just me i got an ad from Emma and I'm watching her vid now

    Frances GalawayFrances GalawayOy oldin
  • Anyone else see an add on her video and the add has her in it

    Willow ClementWillow ClementOy oldin
  • I can't stop repeating 8:01 😂

    hellohelloOy oldin
  • I can't stop repeating 8:01

    hellohelloOy oldin
  • Literally there was an add that was with Emma and we are like twins cause I don’t get enough sleep oh and hey Frankie

    Leah Is weirdLeah Is weirdOy oldin
  • Part 2 emma u forget

    Ju Piter080Ju Piter080Oy oldin
  • Lol u should face time them and just have them pick out outfits

    Emily Jane RobisonEmily Jane RobisonOy oldin

    peridotperidotOy oldin
  • She is funny

    the onethe oneOy oldin
  • The bom Whatching your channel makes me feel better.

    Johanita KruidenierJohanita KruidenierOy oldin
  • I feel so bad for laughing at 8:03 💀

    Sharerun MSharerun MOy oldin
  • Alright I know I'm gonna sound stupid but I kind get what i t means from the context she used it in but what does the means mean

    Amanda AllenAmanda AllenOy oldin
  • Where are her leather pants from?🥺

    Ishould DohomeworkIshould DohomeworkOy oldin
  • yes maam that is definetly Gwen..and I just realized how old I am by hearing you say you were born in 2001. Lol

    TarraTarraOy oldin
  • In the thumbnail I thought it was her and her mom and I was like, “omg they look so mighty alike”

    SarahSarahOy oldin
  • she complains about her closet and picking out clothes when I would kill for that closet and that amount of clothes.

    AnnaAnnaOy oldin

    Briana SelimiBriana SelimiOy oldin