26-Iyl, 2020
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i really should stop lol
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-emma chamberlain

  • In Russia 23:00 и да я такая руссичка-онглечанка шо пепец

    study with alyonastudy with alyona23 soat oldin
  • Have you russian views???? Я пыталась написать это на Английском😐

    study with alyonastudy with alyona23 soat oldin
  • I can't concentrate on wmma when her cats are trina play ahaha

    Charley StephensonCharley StephensonKun oldin
  • Wait I’m 100% sure that chicken bag used to be Mr. Kate’s bag. She recently donated it to a thrift store!!

    lisa vancelisa vanceKun oldin
  • that one hair sticking up from emmas bun: 👁👄👁

    Olivia RiveraOlivia Rivera5 kun oldin
  • Those poor poor people having to wait for Emma to get all her things scanned at the checkout 😂

    Anna HyattAnna Hyatt5 kun oldin
  • so like were not gonna talk about the cats fighting in the back-

    br0ken_l0vingzbr0ken_l0vingz6 kun oldin
  • Concolor like puma. #Winks

    NiperspectiveNiperspective7 kun oldin
  • If you went to college what would you study?

    NiperspectiveNiperspective7 kun oldin
  • That freakin chicken bag, is from Mr.Kate I swear!! She did a declutter video and donated that exact bag!

    Victoria ChavezVictoria Chavez7 kun oldin
  • i wanna be just like u emma, you have a multi million dollar home and your still like 19, crazy so independent

    queenpee parisqueenpee paris7 kun oldin
  • vintage is 20+ yrs

    Madelyn OrmondMadelyn Ormond7 kun oldin
  • things need to be at least 20 years old to be considered vintage

    André-Raphael KochAndré-Raphael Koch7 kun oldin
  • Imagine, you're watching this and you see your old sweater you brought to the thrift shop

    RondzRondz8 kun oldin
  • so we just aren't gonna talk about her cats going apeshit in the background.

    Noelle AbudaNoelle Abuda8 kun oldin
  • i look at the clock every time its like 5:00 0r any time but with 00 after it every time

    Erin MorrowErin Morrow9 kun oldin
  • Emma: Buying 100 hoodies Me: Having 2, crying inside

    Masha ShramkoMasha Shramko9 kun oldin
  • I'm half watching the thrift haul, half watching the cats. They're so cute.

    Jenine UrsinoJenine Ursino10 kun oldin
  • Try Searching angel number 11 or the time you mostly see with 11

    Ariana TurciosAriana Turcios10 kun oldin
  • u pronounce melbourne as “mel bin” :)

    AmeliaAmelia10 kun oldin
  • I seriously can't believe youre into angel numbers now!! that's literally about to be the new trend now I swear

    niki urquhartniki urquhart11 kun oldin
  • 4:20 Emma: *casually talking bout clothes* Her cats: *WHOOPING EACH OTHERS ASSHOLES* in the background

    Sulaiman AsgharSulaiman Asghar13 kun oldin
  • I trust Emma with everything like if something looks ugly she'll make it pretty

    Belle SaubouaBelle Sauboua14 kun oldin
  • Emma has a dump truck confirmed

    Katt BKatt B14 kun oldin
  • My cat has the same toy that you can hear in the background 😂

    Rilyn HohmanRilyn Hohman17 kun oldin
  • POV:Your drawing anime and wataching Emma Chamberlain :P

    Basic VibesBasic Vibes17 kun oldin
  • How tall are u?

    Kiira KilpeläinenKiira Kilpeläinen18 kun oldin
  • The sencond way you said Melbourne is right that’s how u say it

    Jessica WhelanJessica Whelan18 kun oldin
  • I love thrift shop ♥♥

    Hiba 6Hiba 618 kun oldin
  • That rubber chicken bag is from Mr. Kate

    RosellaRosella18 kun oldin
  • when her casts are lowkey killing each other in the background.

    Trinity MunroTrinity Munro20 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry but around 5 minutes in the cats were fighting and I'm crying that she didn't see them.

    April WilksApril Wilks21 kun oldin
  • emmas cats in the background tho :/

    kayah berrykayah berry21 kun oldin
  • i hope u realize that thrifting was originally meant for people who can't afford clothes, not people who can:/

    baki baki ni oree?baki baki ni oree?21 kun oldin
  • She should make merch with a clock that says 1:11

    Bethany WongBethany Wong21 kun oldin
  • bruh do u see emma’s cats in the back

    Monica LizMonica Liz21 kun oldin
  • She should make a going through my closet video

    un knownun known22 kun oldin
  • i wish emma still had all her merch on her website

    Gracie Kelly MurphyGracie Kelly Murphy22 kun oldin
  • 50 years, for a vintage clothe

    Nina KochNina Koch22 kun oldin
  • School uniform😂😂

    lamiz choudharylamiz choudhary23 kun oldin
  • 5 11 is my birthdayyyy, alabyu emma u suck hehe alabyu x

    REGINAREGINA23 kun oldin
  • did mr.kate donate that chicken bag? or

    Zoë BlaneZoë Blane23 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else see the cats snuggling/fighting in the background?

    John DoeJohn Doe23 kun oldin
  • Who else was just watching Emma’s cats the whole time

    Sage GDSage GD24 kun oldin
  • Emma should definitely do a video where she talks about places she shops at

    Lama SahakiLama Sahaki25 kun oldin
  • Melburn

    Elora Tobin . And I OopElora Tobin . And I Oop25 kun oldin
  • When is the new merch dropping?

    Alivea RamirezAlivea Ramirez25 kun oldin
  • Watching this late :( does anyone know if the merch she’s wearing is coming back? Site has a 4 days countdown 😭

    CinnamomCinnamom26 kun oldin
  • Did u see Emma’s cats fighting 😭 omg I cant

    SheinaSheina26 kun oldin
  • Omg please come to Australia again ❤️❤️

    Selena FlahertySelena Flaherty26 kun oldin
  • How dare you not mention whats happening with your cats in the background!

    rnxbsnrnxbsn27 kun oldin
  • is no one gonna talk about her cats fighting in the back in most clips?

    christina vlogschristina vlogs28 kun oldin
  • when u said u look at the clock at x:11 im like cool nice, I THEN LOOK AT MY CLOCK AT THE SAME MOMENT AND ITS 7:11 RKDHUHXISHDHFHFIEJDFJDBFVD IM SCAREd

    Janis IsonJanis Ison29 kun oldin
  • Wait, I think that rubber chicken was given away by Mr. Kate ???

    Erica PetersonErica Peterson29 kun oldin
  • I hope she’s going to special thrift stores, that aren’t literally for people who can’t afford expensive clothes.

    Karimah LoveKarimah LoveOy oldin
  • We are matching emma ... the spike on top of your bun....yeah I mean *that*

    Alexa AlexanderAlexa AlexanderOy oldin
  • Damn taking all the good green shirts from the redheads. Jk I never wear green but you are inspiring me to give it a shot, love this haul.

    Jenny MillerJenny MillerOy oldin
  • Emmas cats in the background fighting (4:32) lmbo

    0rdinary - Queen0rdinary - QueenOy oldin
  • Whoever likes this. Will become a millionaire and accomplish many things

    Angelina Bo PlayzAngelina Bo PlayzOy oldin
  • i liked bcs of the chicken bag

    デメゼルデメゼルOy oldin
  • Let’s not talk about her cats at the back fighting

    haifa raniahhaifa raniahOy oldin
  • you just made me scared of losing my teeth cuz of skating

    Ida Nyegaard Malmby 9KLIda Nyegaard Malmby 9KLOy oldin
  • The chicken bag omg I love itttt

    AstroAstroOy oldin

    Gaia MartinovicGaia MartinovicOy oldin
  • anyone gonna talk about declan and frankie at ab 5:00

    melly !melly !Oy oldin
  • 8:55 emma has the exact same cat as me luv your merch

    chelsea renteriachelsea renteriaOy oldin
  • is no one gonna talk about the cats in the background 0.0

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto UzumakiOy oldin
  • Melbern 💫

    keighley_luskkeighley_luskOy oldin
  • emma inspired me to try out thrifting for the first time and i have no regrets!! not only is it good for the environment but you can also find really unique and good stuff!! if anyone is on the fence about trying it out, you def should!! 🤍 also i posted the haul on my channel if anyone is interested 🥺🤍

    glyn veeglyn veeOy oldin
  • I'm haunted by #22 or 222... spooky

    Jang KimJang KimOy oldin
  • No one: Emma's cats fighting in the background: **rOwwEWAwwwWWEeWWEr**

    Lela Hina te AraniLela Hina te AraniOy oldin
  • 9:02 Patrick Star

    Zoey BrockZoey BrockOy oldin
  • guys am i jahshwjw am i a real youtuber kahsjdjwjwbd

    Nancy OkayNancy OkayOy oldin
  • The same thing happens to me when I look at the time

    Dero O.Dero O.Oy oldin
  • is anyone else watching her cats in the back ground lmfao

    Emma LoysenEmma LoysenOy oldin
  • Emma I need your help!! My daughter is a young professional model who is inspired by your style and the ability to be yourself no matter what. She continues to allow herself to be her weird quirky self even when people in the industry require her to be the same as everyone else. She did a video copying your Instagram for a week and I think she did pretty good. Emma if you could watch and give an honest opinion on it. Your critique would inspire her to keep going in an industry that isn’t easy on the heart. Please help Emma see this, let’s fill this world with dreams coming true. 🙏🏼

    cindy harrisoncindy harrisonOy oldin
  • 5:31 it’s the cats fighting in the background for me🤭🤪

    Abigail HowardAbigail HowardOy oldin
  • Can someone tell why emma chamberlain has sooo many subscribers. I have no idea that whats so special about her. (i am new in youtube stuff)

    AnuAnuOy oldin

  • i live in hawaii

    Sadie HobbeheydarSadie HobbeheydarOy oldin
  • when emma is the ad on her own video

    Emily EEmily EOy oldin
  • the cats

    lillie klillie kOy oldin
  • Lol while the hawaii shirt the cats were wrestling in the back round😂😂

    andain editzandain editzOy oldin
  • ok is no one gonna talk about the cats fighting in the back ?

    Alyciana SironAlyciana SironOy oldin
  • I just learned this in art class the all green shirt is called monochromatic

    Aurora StevensAurora StevensOy oldin
  • the cats fighting in the back, literally have me rolling, its probably because it 3am here but im still laughing

    Honey RianHoney RianOy oldin
  • i do the same thing with the times omg so does my friend

    Aaliyah MurphyAaliyah MurphyOy oldin
  • Nobody- Emma-that’s dope AF

    Keira’s vids HiKeira’s vids HiOy oldin

    paige vaughnpaige vaughnOy oldin
  • lady diana

    Luukas KLuukas KOy oldin
  • Your room is 4 of mine.. RIP

    Victoria HippVictoria HippOy oldin
  • To me when I check the time it’s always something:59 like for example 11:59,12:59,1:59, etc I’m also scared

    Chubby ChimmyChubby ChimmyOy oldin
  • lmao the cats in the back

    Nada Al-GhoryNada Al-GhoryOy oldin
  • i still want to know what happened w her and the twins and why they arent friends :(

    Lola SchneiderLola SchneiderOy oldin
  • The cats in the backround :)

    Kaitlin Doolz :PKaitlin Doolz :POy oldin
  • Hey: Omg im a real youtuber now! Me: Girl you have 9.51 Million Subscribers and you are only just now saying that your a real youtuber?! :))) LOve u emma

    Kaitlin Doolz :PKaitlin Doolz :POy oldin

    Colleen Jennifer-LynnColleen Jennifer-LynnOy oldin
  • I love how her cats are fighting in the background. 😂😂😂

    Azarra SmithAzarra SmithOy oldin
  • 9:10 omg pls layer it with a white mock neck underneathhhhh

    amyamyOy oldin
  • Whenever I watch Emma Chamberlain's videos it always makes me want to go through my closet and start upcycling clothes I don't wear. I have so many items I want to edit or upcycle but I never take the time or effort but for some reason her videos like motivate me to do it even more lol.

    Immature BookwormImmature BookwormOy oldin