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  • the little “;)” from the editor

    Kenzee FairKenzee Fair3 soat oldin
  • Emma at the start of the video: ok.. tell me when. James: tell me when?! It’s your video! Emma: oh right.. ok.. hI sIstE- OH NO

    Lindy BeierleLindy Beierle3 soat oldin
  • that was absolutely the benefit porefessional primer thingy

    Taylor McKillopTaylor McKillop5 soat oldin
  • Emma must be raised by a pageant queen. She's so beautiful and nice.

    Lyndsi PruettLyndsi Pruett9 soat oldin
  • 15:52 am I demonetized ? hahahahahahah the best end ever

    Sandra NobsSandra Nobs14 soat oldin
  • 12:40 hahahah her reaction is the cutest!!!!!!!! I CAN'T

    Sandra NobsSandra Nobs14 soat oldin
  • Haven't laughed this much in so long lmao, I love you two!

    Zaira LinaresZaira Linares16 soat oldin
  • trying to grow my YT channel... Let’s help one another. Muuuuuch loveeeeeeeeee. ❤️

    RARRURARRU22 soat oldin
  • This is the big button for thanking larray for saving Emma and James’s friendship like please bring back the #sistersquad pls?

    H E Y . H O W . Y O U . D O I N G . have a good dayH E Y . H O W . Y O U . D O I N G . have a good day23 soat oldin
  • Watching James smile as he gets his friend back after losing her over fake shit is heartwarming.Its nice that Emma saw her mistake and that James forgave her.

    Cass ChrisCass ChrisKun oldin
  • “oh my gosh do you like any paparazzi? I FUCKING HATE IT” I love emma

    ThatOneTacoThatOneTacoKun oldin
  • 5:44 i think thats why they’re no longer friends with the dolan twins

    MkhalidMkhalidKun oldin
    • LMAO

      Tezeth _13Tezeth _13Kun oldin
  • this friendship makes me so happy idk why

    afsana begumafsana begum2 kun oldin
  • Did Emma actually use a foundation that matches James’ skin? Uh what? 😂

    Kayla KaramelKayla Karamel2 kun oldin
  • 4:55 until 4:58 did you hear how fast chames spoke like wtf

    Faisal SaydoFaisal Saydo2 kun oldin
  • dude imagine if they make an episode with sam and colby... it would be AMAZINGGGGG

    Andrea LepeAndrea Lepe3 kun oldin
  • Now let's get the sister squad back

    Harley BurtHarley Burt3 kun oldin
    • @Leesha Banthia everyone wants the sister squad back, I wasn't saying that it had to come back I re worded it but everyone wants it back

      Harley BurtHarley Burt2 kun oldin
    • @Harley Burt what I meant was that the DOLAN twins are not really like they were before now they've changed and if James and Emma want to be together without the DOLAN twins let them be... 😊😊😊

      Leesha BanthiaLeesha Banthia2 kun oldin
    • @Leesha Banthia I was being nice

      Harley BurtHarley Burt2 kun oldin
    • Leave them alone please

      Leesha BanthiaLeesha Banthia2 kun oldin
  • but am i the only one that thinks that we need the twins?

    Auksyte KairyteAuksyte Kairyte3 kun oldin
    • no because i’m pretty sure ethan ruined emma’s mental health and i want emma to thrive

      c perryc perry3 kun oldin
  • Emma gives me very much top vibes 🤣❤️

    Leenah AudioLeenah Audio3 kun oldin
  • It's we cornered the dolan twins for me

    Amrita Send VaidyaAmrita Send Vaidya3 kun oldin
  • been watching this NONSTOP

    kg_jeonkg_jeon3 kun oldin
  • Emma:i need a new one james:ummm...get away from me

    Zionn Hogan Mishue (Student)Zionn Hogan Mishue (Student)4 kun oldin
  • I think emma really missed james

    scarlet holmesscarlet holmes4 kun oldin

    Darya FarsianDarya Farsian4 kun oldin
    • ethan ruined emma’s mental health. i mean think about it, she used to be so unpreperwared and now she’s thriving

      c perryc perry3 kun oldin
  • willy watching this like ಥ_ಥ that should be me>﹏<

    Fart PowerFart Power4 kun oldin
  • it makes me so mad when people are like "we miss the old emma" litrally what do you expect she grew up shes not gonna act the same forever

    Anna RileyAnna Riley4 kun oldin
  • Emma being gay for James Charles

    karenpincheirakarenpincheira4 kun oldin
  • It makes me sad that her other videos get 3-5M views but this one has 8M.

    Mari AnnaMari Anna4 kun oldin
    • Well that's James's fandom

      Leesha BanthiaLeesha Banthia2 kun oldin
  • Emma you’re a good person. Don’t invite toxic people back into your life. Also if you continue to put him back in videos I guess I’m just gonna have to unsubscribe.

    Hernandez McCrayHernandez McCray5 kun oldin
    • It makes me kinda sad she has him back in her videos. I just started watching her again but I guess I'll have to stop again. I really can't stand James 🤐

      Mari AnnaMari Anna4 kun oldin
  • omg you are such an insporaition

    Addi HeroldAddi Herold5 kun oldin
  • lets pray that larray gets the dolon rwins too.

    Xenia ThomasXenia Thomas5 kun oldin
  • he was straight for her

    keepin’ it cubekeepin’ it cube6 kun oldin
  • why is this video the funniest thing ever

    Gaby SGaby S6 kun oldin
  • now all we need is the twins?😢

    Aubree BullockAubree Bullock7 kun oldin
    • Yeah replace James with the twins. Hell, replace James with anyone, anyone's better than James tbh😂

      Mari AnnaMari Anna4 kun oldin
  • now all we need is the twins 😢

    Aubree BullockAubree Bullock7 kun oldin
  • Dolan twins being real quiet 👁👄👁

    BrayBray Is The KingBrayBray Is The King7 kun oldin
  • I’ve never happy cried 😃

    Kaybug W.Kaybug W.7 kun oldin
  • I actually really want to know the brand of the face tint oil now lol

    Sarah DieffSarah Dieff8 kun oldin
  • Of course I have my phone all the way up at 4:16 😂

    BPFF lifeBPFF life8 kun oldin
  • Emma: what about this concealer did u like it?\ James: Honestly? Not really. Emma: Ok we hate it.

    Stella SepaniakStella Sepaniak8 kun oldin
  • I wached a quarter of the vid and they both just randomly said 🍱kkkkkkrrrrrr🍱

    Mr A ALIMr A ALI8 kun oldin
  • australia- 💀

    nevasaemonevasaemo8 kun oldin

    Taylor KrouseTaylor Krouse9 kun oldin
  • ahh im so not used to emma and james together

    Lydia LiLydia Li9 kun oldin
  • Isn’t it funny how the Dolan Twins always have beef with random influencers and when ever someone interviews the other person, they say that the Dolan Twins were horrible to them and then the Dolan Twins move on to another colab and they litterally destroyed Emma’s mental health?

    Zoey D.Zoey D.9 kun oldin
    • oop ya ok sis

      Charlotte ParksCharlotte Parks7 kun oldin
  • yasss I love Emma

    Beth ShareBeth Share9 kun oldin
  • if larri’s party never happened, emma and james wouldn’t be friends again..all we need now are the dollan twins jkjk they suck

    kyliekylie9 kun oldin
    • Larray actually but yaaaa

      H E Y . H O W . Y O U . D O I N G . have a good dayH E Y . H O W . Y O U . D O I N G . have a good day23 soat oldin
    • it was always james and emma doing the comedy and bringing the fans together in the sister squad videos, the dolans were just..... the muscular straight dudes who were just there to like match emma and james personality

      omaromar3 kun oldin
    • Ya Emma and James are so much happier now the Dolan twins would ruin it

      April RiderApril Rider5 kun oldin
  • Wich lipgloss is she using?

    Stephanie Vermeiren (5STW3)Stephanie Vermeiren (5STW3)9 kun oldin
  • 5:28 i have neither 😐

    SCSC9 kun oldin
  • Lord, I don't have money or a good relationship. What the fuck! 🤔

    Jordan FarrellJordan Farrell9 kun oldin
  • You either get a good relationship or money... Why do I have ✨ neither ✨ of those things? *tears*

    Yara HowellYara Howell10 kun oldin
  • I feel like this is a little bit fake, where were you Emma during the byś sister scandal xd and i am here still and i was when IT happened notice me James xd

    Oliwia SadomskaOliwia Sadomska10 kun oldin
  • pls do more videos with James :)

    Tamar VerbaanTamar Verbaan10 kun oldin
    • No, don't

      Mari AnnaMari Anna4 kun oldin
  • emma and james: talks about editing me: I dont edit :)

    kamis lifekamis life10 kun oldin
  • the sister squad was basically just these 2 sooooooooooo

    King PinKing Pin11 kun oldin
  • Larray is the only one that can bring back the sister squad

    PiquantPiquant11 kun oldin
  • 13:21 She is so SINCERE

    Amar Singh GusainAmar Singh Gusain11 kun oldin
  • Wait is james charles a boy or girl

    Kyra RobinsonKyra Robinson12 kun oldin
    • @Claire Z ik but like i didnt know i just thought he was a girl and then thought he a boy so i just got confused

      Kyra RobinsonKyra Robinson11 kun oldin
    • boy he’s not i repeat NOT transgender just more feminine 😁

      Claire ZClaire Z11 kun oldin

    Jayda CassanovaJayda Cassanova12 kun oldin
  • I ship Emma with Ryan Karoly

    Roshaun JohnsonRoshaun Johnson12 kun oldin
  • What lip gloss is that????

    Christina KirchoffChristina Kirchoff12 kun oldin
  • My lord who remembers the Sister Sqaud with the dolan twins emma and James my lord JAMES GUYS DO SOMEThINg

    Hiram GarciaHiram Garcia12 kun oldin
  • emma def thinks that james is like a whole higher class than her and is scared of the things she use to james lol

    rowynrowyn12 kun oldin
  • What lip gloss is that and what shade

    Jocelyn RodriguezJocelyn Rodriguez13 kun oldin
  • I’m literally dead

    lexi lexlexi lex13 kun oldin
  • wait but Emma says she has an editor but in some of her videos, sometimes at the end of video she writes "Me Editing (kinda)" so im kinda confused..can someone explain?

    Deilan StoffDeilan Stoff13 kun oldin
    • I don't understand too

      Szabó DorottyaSzabó DorottyaKun oldin
  • omg Emma your bronzer isn't broken....... there is a brush and mirror under there

    megan parkermegan parker14 kun oldin
  • 0:37 this moment says it allll 😁🥺

    ShinyMewtwo 45699ShinyMewtwo 4569914 kun oldin
  • sneaking into james' hosue for 24 hrs>>>

    Zara JacobsZara Jacobs14 kun oldin
  • okay so dolans wya?

    Zara JacobsZara Jacobs14 kun oldin
  • We need video with your editor

    Soňa HanzlíkováSoňa Hanzlíková14 kun oldin
  • What song is her intro biatshh

    beenthatbitch stillthatbitchbeenthatbitch stillthatbitch14 kun oldin
  • I’m new, and I don’t know what happened between them. Why weren’t they friends for a long time?

    Johnlocked.mp4Johnlocked.mp414 kun oldin
  • omg i thought James got period's I'm so dum

    RUBY CastilloRUBY Castillo15 kun oldin
  • the way that larray could reunite the entire sister squad in like one phone call is really something

    Annabelle HimstreetAnnabelle Himstreet15 kun oldin

    Aislinn BaldwinAislinn Baldwin15 kun oldin
  • Cute

    Simone KSimone K15 kun oldin
  • Am I in the one who noticed that it says “were back” in the title

    Ethan LeyrerEthan Leyrer16 kun oldin
    • There's an apostrophe (')

      Anakha nairAnakha nair12 kun oldin
  • sooo what happened with the Dolan Twins???

    Natalia GuerreroNatalia Guerrero16 kun oldin
  • Nice channel!😊 Continue the good work. Should you have a second you could flick over to my account 🌈🌸

    Deb__So__PrettiDeb__So__Pretti17 kun oldin
  • I'm glad that they are friends again one of the good things in 2020

    Taylor ArensmanTaylor Arensman17 kun oldin

    a block of cheesea block of cheese17 kun oldin
  • I honestly completely understand this relationship I was like that with one of my besties. We were friends first, crap went down, became friends later on, besties, COVID happened, March- may/June, started talking again, besties again 👯‍♀️

    acf_0600acf_060017 kun oldin
  • stan emma and james for clear skin. hate shane and jeffrey cause yeah❤️

    Brooke RoseBrooke Rose17 kun oldin
  • i am here for this energy

    Janessa YuenJanessa Yuen18 kun oldin
  • me pausing the video 50 times at the start just to cry over how far emma's gotten :,)

    Therese MurayTherese Muray18 kun oldin
  • Not me rewatching this for the 9th time 😍

    delia tatlidelia tatli18 kun oldin
  • Can u play among us pls lmao

    Zuri KusumaZuri Kusuma18 kun oldin
  • This video is by far my favourite! Love youuuuu bothhhh❤️

    Aafia KhanAafia Khan18 kun oldin
  • If Emma needs a boyfriend Willy Wonka on TikTok has openly expressed his crush on her... just sayin

    ZR NitroZR Nitro19 kun oldin
  • Now we just need the Dolans 🥺😞

    ZR NitroZR Nitro19 kun oldin
  • I guess the sister squad spoiler were the Dolan Twins...idk though!

    Nabiha ShaikhNabiha Shaikh19 kun oldin
  • the amount of times i come back to this is ungodly

    Olivia PetroOlivia Petro19 kun oldin
  • It’s Benefit porefessional primer. I don’t know what all the hype was about

    BuddhababyBuddhababy19 kun oldin
  • i thought i was the only one who puts waterproof mascara on the bottom so when i cry it doesn’t run 😂

    liddo.lysssaliddo.lysssa20 kun oldin
  • i followed them a long time ago and i just blacked out the whole sister thing three years or two years ago and then im back and they are back too but i didnt catch up with the drama i just like seeing them together i kinda hate internet drama and paparazzi making it so it appears 10x bigger

    not coranot cora20 kun oldin
  • Emma's voice is lounder than James' lol

    Mean TinMean Tin21 kun oldin
  • I love James's eyes it the thumbnail 😆😂

  • I miss the sister squad

    Maggie GMaggie G21 kun oldin
  • What about corona?

    OdeyajeanineOdeyajeanine22 kun oldin