4-Apr, 2021
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  • you would have so much more fun if u were not vegan😚

    Taeee JiminTaeee JiminSoat oldin
  • I'm always going to think she looks like Timothee✋🏼

    Ximena MarinXimena Marin4 soat oldin
  • Seriously love what you said about balance! I’m working on that myself. Disconnecting is so healthy.

    Lindsey TrappLindsey Trapp6 soat oldin
  • ahhhh new york reminds me of cherry ugh i love that fan fic

    Sophie ArocaSophie Aroca6 soat oldin
  • NYC is a nice fit for Emma But she should try London or Vancouver

    Blake SteenrodBlake Steenrod7 soat oldin
  • Waiting for the moving video

    lendion10lendion108 soat oldin
  • have you ever watch a vlog like twice?? cause im here for the second time sheeesh

    Viveca SoaresViveca Soares8 soat oldin
  • shes acting like its a dam blizzArd

    TstormerTstormer9 soat oldin
  • move to New York.

    Natalie UrsoNatalie Urso9 soat oldin
  • I love Emma sm

    Mia MuradMia Murad9 soat oldin
  • literally move to ny you can't get tired of it

    Samantha ZeccardiSamantha Zeccardi10 soat oldin
  • Is it just me or has Emma kept throwing hints in every video !😳

    Lesly Degante GarciaLesly Degante Garcia10 soat oldin
  • Billlie eilish vibes

    Sadie WaggottSadie Waggott12 soat oldin
  • I think NY is more her, I think she would benefit more there not being as fake and forced as LA, she would feel more secure, her mind and vibe would thrive more as well as the people she would meet there. I think she could have a better and healthier life there than LA and from what I’ve heard from her podcast

    Laura BarssLaura Barss13 soat oldin
  • Um you should definitely visit Oregon, more specifically Portland

    Cerl CerlCerl Cerl14 soat oldin
  • Emma please move to ny 😩

    Kailey TkazyikKailey Tkazyik14 soat oldin
  • i watch this video at least twice a day

    KTKT15 soat oldin
  • This is one of the best of Emma’s vids

    Isla MuirIsla Muir15 soat oldin
  • I love u Emma xoxo

    kaira hernandezkaira hernandez15 soat oldin
  • anyone else think she belongs in nyc? this seems like her happy place

    AliAli15 soat oldin
  • does anybody know where is that scarf from :)

    zoe teijeirozoe teijeiro17 soat oldin
  • Citymapper is my best friend when I go to a new city. Its made specifically for public transportation and walking in grids. the NYC map is AMAZING! good luck girl xo

    Briana HansonBriana Hanson17 soat oldin
  • girl just move to new york

    Skylar StallingsSkylar Stallings17 soat oldin
  • Move so that I will se u on the street😭

    Zahra NiassZahra Niass18 soat oldin

    it’s songieit’s songie19 soat oldin

    mathilde toledo tremblaymathilde toledo tremblay20 soat oldin
  • Omg she looks much more stable emotionally in new york

    Deepak ThakurDeepak Thakur22 soat oldin
  • We should make a Petition for Emma to move to ny

    Daniela VillatoroDaniela Villatoro23 soat oldin
  • Emma is thriving!!

    Layan AkroushLayan AkroushKun oldin
  • not me getting a pacsun emma ad on her own video get your coin sis so proud of all that you’ve accomplished

    joyjoyKun oldin
  • I also edit like a 12 year old cause I am

    Mj Mud bloodMj Mud bloodKun oldin
  • LMAO i do the leggings under sweatpants thing when i shovel snow since I don't have snowpants emma it's april.. -new englander

    Olivia BibleOlivia BibleKun oldin
  • The rats are the size of small dogs.

    Don KDon KKun oldin
  • the herbal tea looks like peepee water...

    Mara MagnayeMara MagnayeKun oldin
  • if you move to NY you won't be able to have getaways and explore and have relaxing walks🤌🏼

    Mirian ArredondoMirian ArredondoKun oldin
  • Emma I’m pretty sure you’ve probably and still thinking about this but.... *MOVE TO NEW YORK*

    jayden tarangojayden tarangoKun oldin

    sophiesophieKun oldin

    sophiesophieKun oldin
  • convince the three ppl you talk to they should move to ny with you😈

    sophiesophieKun oldin
  • 55 is beautiful in NY especially coming out of winter

    Sydney MacClellanSydney MacClellanKun oldin

    Sara CallahanSara CallahanKun oldin
  • No place will be perfect forever, life will, at some point, take away the vacation feeling the city brings to you. But it doesn't mean it will take your joy completely, especially if you're in nyc. I've lived here for years, had my ups and downs, but nyc has always a way of making life feel a little more special and inspiring. I'd say give it a try and always look for the real reason why a place might be getting uninteresting for you before having its idea ruined in your head.

    Juliana DinizJuliana DinizKun oldin
  • I loved it. But please we need Casey neistat back :(

    ali khakzadiali khakzadiKun oldin
  • That guy prob shat himself when he searched you on UZworld & saw you have 10 millions subs

    Molly MajorsMolly MajorsKun oldin
  • emma u need to move to new york. ur absolutely thriving

    camryn elliottcamryn elliottKun oldin
  • yo

    jakojakoKun oldin
  • Wow ....beautiful

    Life in QUEEN CITYLife in QUEEN CITYKun oldin
  • need to move to New York😭 it’s perfect for you

    Hayley BrownHayley BrownKun oldin
  • I've seen your future -- Joan Rivers! That's a compliment, btw.

    martyspandexmartyspandexKun oldin
  • prettyswag

    ellise gabrielleellise gabrielleKun oldin
  • Emma: It's like 55 degrees out today, I've been wearing so many layers Me: 55 degrees? Shorts and tank top weather babyyyy

    Rowan GunterRowan GunterKun oldin
    • Same. lol Canada

      KatieKatie14 soat oldin
  • emma you simply MUST go to murrays bagels and try tofu cream cheese. no stomach ache- still absolutely delicious.

    Nathalie ParkerNathalie ParkerKun oldin
  • Ok but while you’re in NY you GOTTA check out eastern Long Island. So chill out here, vineyards, ocean, cliffs, farms. Such a vibe

    alex306alex306Kun oldin
  • move to new york rn

    tate montgomerytate montgomeryKun oldin
  • Emma, have you heard of "lactose ok"? It's a med you can take before having dairy! You can have like one or two then eat the bagel and triumph! Hope you have those in the US ❤️

    Saffran MirzaSaffran MirzaKun oldin
  • i live in nyc and i’m so used to the weather

    Samantha LeeSamantha LeeKun oldin
  • Jdjskdjfjejke I love her so much 2:46

    Hi LolHi LolKun oldin
  • Emma suits up 20 layers in shorts weather pft lol

    Ang PAng PKun oldin
  • Your dominant eye has better vision than the lazy’ier’ eye. When you’re tired it takes over and ditched the weaker eye. Time for the eye doc.

    RUNstrongRUNstrongKun oldin
  • are you literally kidding me emma. when i saw you were going to nyc.. i was leaving nyc back to LA 💔

    Clarissa SanchezClarissa SanchezKun oldin
  • Apparently subscribing to your channel was what I was missing my entire life😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Absolutely love your personality 😢😢😢😢

    Amber EbdenAmber EbdenKun oldin
  • I love the man that came up to you and asked you if you were a youtuber. I just love it when people are social like that😌

    Chelsea van SchaikChelsea van SchaikKun oldin
  • I only eat half the ammount of food as her and I weigh 250lbs. Wtf.

    Lucas FarrarLucas FarrarKun oldin
  • girl its not a bad idea. if you like new york, move here for 3 months to test the waters. new york is so much better than LA. i cant see why you would hate it, im never leaving the city

    madi woitenmadi woitenKun oldin
  • The eye issue is called alternating exotropia. Absolutely nothing wrong with her and likely not bad enough to have surgery to repair if she can see okay

    Elizabeth HubbardElizabeth HubbardKun oldin
  • this would most definitely be me if i ever visited nyc

    kiara williamskiara williamsKun oldin
  • ❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷

    Renata BarbosaRenata BarbosaKun oldin
  • EYY 10M

    Mellie࿐ ࿔Mellie࿐ ࿔Kun oldin
  • Okok I don’t think you have a lazy eye because I have the same thing as you. Some days (mostly when I don’t get enough sleep) one of my eyelids just acts weird asf. Idk how to describe it but my eyelid does something weird. I’ll usually wear a cool pack over my eyes for 5-10 mins and it will go back to normal.

    Cinnamonbun Unicorn420Cinnamonbun Unicorn420Kun oldin
  • "I'm just walking around, absorbing the atmosphere ... you can just keep walking and keep walking, and it never gets old." homegirl needs to move to NYC, that alone showed me it's for her. she just seems more at peace.

    russp1212russp1212Kun oldin
  • can we have an everyday makeup routine? I am very old (late 20s) and still have no idea what i'm doing! but you make it look so easy and your face looks flawless!

    Amanda SweetmanAmanda SweetmanKun oldin
  • 55° :0 that’s hot tf

    Amélie not FoundAmélie not FoundKun oldin
  • just do it emma.

    Alyssa BatchelorAlyssa BatchelorKun oldin
  • 8:26

    back thenback thenKun oldin
  • Guys wut is it with her hair ?😭

    bhumika shahbhumika shahKun oldin
  • emma you should move to NY, you look happier there than in LA

    Roberta SalinasRoberta SalinasKun oldin
  • Let me just say this, you look so much more happy in New York and you should be like screw LA and five to new York and just live your best life😁

    Harlan ConleyHarlan ConleyKun oldin
  • (Merci) Thank You For The Kiss You The Best 👍😷💯

    FranchiseH20FranchiseH20Kun oldin

    simply cydsimply cydKun oldin
  • maybe this is a sign that you need to move to new york

    Gia LorenGia LorenKun oldin
  • Finally A honest vlog not that layers of makeup rich ass bimbos

    Riya GuptaRiya GuptaKun oldin
  • omg 7:28 I just realised we have the exact same freckle/mole on the start of our middle part on our hair WTF BRO

    rubylavendertearubylavendertea2 kun oldin
  • you mean Jeremy from science

    Khloe TriaKhloe Tria2 kun oldin
  • I think it’s a good idea

    dementedbintdementedbint2 kun oldin
  • I feel like New York Emma is always happier and more productive

    Brooke CollinsBrooke Collins2 kun oldin
  • So basiccaly, i just have a video call time with my best friend

    elgasianipar 961elgasianipar 9612 kun oldin
  • i watch her videos in 1.25x speed and it makes her videos 3 times more funny

    Tayzlee FisherTayzlee Fisher2 kun oldin
  • i dont really know but, is it okay drinking coffe a lot in a day cmiiw

    pigly baepigly bae2 kun oldin
  • please move to new york lol u seem so happy here

    rhodes paterhodes pate2 kun oldin
  • im commenting on every video youve made

    im a gangsterim a gangster2 kun oldin
  • dont move because of your friends bestie

    Morgan PetersonMorgan Peterson2 kun oldin
  • rent a penthouse 4 a year see how you like livin there?

    Heritage AdekunleHeritage Adekunle2 kun oldin
  • Your smile is so much brighter, as well as your eyes in this video! I love it! ❤️

    Hailey WilsonHailey Wilson2 kun oldin
  • dont move to ny we dont need more wealthy gentrifying influencers emma!!! la is for u

    reyrey2 kun oldin
  • Emma bestie where’d you get those green looking glasses

    L aL a2 kun oldin
  • Scarf??

    Marisa BerryMarisa Berry2 kun oldin
  • How is 55 degrees freezing!!!

    Taylor KerrTaylor Kerr2 kun oldin
  • You should move to New York for 1 month. If you love it stay if you don’t then move elsewhere do what makes you happy another vlog btw lots of love xx

    taiha ortarixtaiha ortarix2 kun oldin
  • I rarely have fun anymore lmao the fact that you say true shit like this. Thank you.

    YogawithliYogawithli2 kun oldin
  • such as.. I dont even know anymore

    YogawithliYogawithli2 kun oldin